Promotional Coaster Sets With Logo Printing

Ideagifts, an Indian wholesale manufacturer and supplier, provides diverse options for personalised coaster sets featuring logo printing. The company provides various types of personalised coaster sets that are in high demand.

Wooden Cosaster Sets – The coaster sets are crafted from superior wood and can be personalised with a preferred logo or design. They possess a timeless and refined appearance, rendering them appropriate for domestic and professional environments alike.

Cork coaster sets  – Cork coasters are eco-friendly and absorbent, suitable for preventing condensation and safeguarding surfaces from beverage stains. Customization of these items with logos is possible through techniques such as screen printing or laser engraving..

Plastic coasters Sets – These provide a contemporary and stylish appearance. These objects possess transparency, lightness, and the ability to be personalised through full-color printing. Plastic coasters are durable and suitable for indoor and outdoor settings.

Leather coaster sets are a sophisticated option for adding a touch of elegance. These products are commonly composed of authentic or artificial leather and can be personalised through debossing or foil stamping methods to exhibit your logo or branding.

Silicone coaster sets possess flexibility, heat resistance, and ease of cleaning. Customization can be achieved through screen printing or embossing techniques. Silicone coasters are frequently utilised in promotional initiatives owing to their functionality and vivid colour choices.

Bamboo coaster sets are environmentally sustainable and possess a rustic aesthetic. These items can bear your logo through engraving or printing, providing a distinctive and eco-friendly branding option.

Ideagifts, a wholesale manufacturer and supplier in India, offers various customised coaster sets with logo printing. Additional customization options can be provided to meet specific requirements and preferences.