Plastic Cosater Sets

Plastic Cosater Sets

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Plastic coasters sets


Enhance your table’s aesthetics and practicality with Plastic Coaster Sets. The durable plastic material of these coasters makes them lightweight and vibrant, offering excellent protection against spills, stains, and scratches. The non-slip bottom provides stability, preventing your beverages from moving. Maintenance is effortless due to their surface being easy to clean. These Plastic Coaster Sets are suitable for indoor and outdoor use, making them a great option for enjoying drinks at home or hosting parties. Elevate your decor and protect your surfaces with these multi-functional coasters.


  • Durable plastic coaster sets.
  • Add a pop of colour with vibrant hues.
  • Provides superior safeguarding against spills, stains, and scratches.
  • Stable with non-slip bottom.
  • Easily cleanable surface.
  • Appropriate for both indoor and outdoor utilisation.