Custom Promotional Table Tops featuring Logo Printing are available.

Enhance brand visibility and establish a lasting impression through our superior custom promotional table tops. Ideagifts is a prominent wholesale manufacturer and supplier of personalised promotional items in India. Our diverse selection of table tops allows for the effective display of your logo or brand message in a professional and visually appealing manner.

We provide various types of personalised promotional table tops.

Plastic Table Tops – These table tops are made of durable and transparent acrylic material, providing a modern and sleek appearance. The logo or design is printed professionally on the surface, resulting in a clear and vibrant representation of the brand.

Wooden table tops offer a classic and elegant appeal. These tops are crafted from premium wood and can be personalised with precise engraving or full-color printing to enhance the visibility of your logo.

Metal table tops are a durable and long-lasting option. These desktop organizers are constructed from durable materials such as aluminium or stainless steel and can be personalised through laser engraving or screen printing, resulting in a unique and polished brand image.

LED illuminated table tops offer a striking visual impact. The tops are designed with integrated LED lights that enhance the visibility of the logo or design, resulting in an engaging visual display. Ideal for trade shows, exhibitions, or any occasion where attention-grabbing is desired.

Our promotional table tops are made with high-quality materials and advanced printing technology. Our top priority is to ensure the quality of your logo or design by reproducing it with precision and longevity.