Power Glow Coaster Sets With Light

Power Glow Coaster Sets With Light

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Glowing coaster sets with built-in lights


Enhance your tabletop with Power Glow Coaster Sets featuring lights. The coasters have LED lights that produce a captivating glow effect. The vivid hues and captivating lighting bring a thrilling element to your area. Crafted from premium materials, these coasters offer both functional protection against spills and an aesthetically pleasing addition to your decor. The Power Glow Coaster Sets serve as an ideal addition to parties, special occasions, or as a conversation starter. Enhance your hosting game and amaze your visitors with these glowing coasters.


  • LED-lit coaster sets.
  • The glow effect is captivating and the colours are vibrant.
  • Superior materials for protecting surfaces.
  • Produces a striking visual presentation.
  • Perfect for parties, special occasions, or as an icebreaker.