Folding Book Light

Folding Book Light

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A book light that folds up

The Folding Book Light is a small, movable light that looks like a book and can be folded up. This clever light can be folded up and opened like a book to show the LED panels that are hidden inside. When you’re not using the light, you can fold it up and close it with a magnet. This makes it easy to put in your bag or pocket. With its changeable brightness levels, you can make the light bright enough to read, dim enough to study, or warm enough to set a cosy mood. The Folding Book Light is both a useful way to add light and a conversation-starting piece of decor.

What’s important:

  • Foldable designs are small and easy to carry.
  • Hidden LED screens in the shape of a book
  • Magnetic closing for safe folding
  • Brightness settings that can be changed to meet different lighting needs