Pen Keyring Card Holder Gift Sets

Introducing our Pen Keyring Card Holder Gift Sets! These sets are perfect for anyone who loves practical and stylish accessories. Each set includes an 88 pen, a keyring, and a card holder. The pen is not only great for writing, but also features a sleek design that is sure to impress.


Introducing our Pen Keyring Card Holder Gift Sets, the perfect combination of practicality and style. This set includes a pen, keyring, and card holder, all designed to make your everyday life easier. The pen in this gift set is not just any ordinary pen. It is a sleek and elegant writing instrument that will make you stand out from the crowd. With its smooth ink flow and comfortable grip, writing will become a pleasure. Whether you’re jotting down notes or signing important documents, this pen will be your trusted companion. The keyring included in this set is not just for holding keys. It is a stylish accessory that will add a touch of sophistication to your everyday carry.?