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Corporate Gifts Vs Promotional Products

Corporate Gifts Vs Promotional Products : Know what’s the diffrence.

We are all living in a modern age maintaining personal and professional relationships requires one to communicate effectively with others. It is an effective way to strengthen ties with your business tieups by exchanging and sharing of gifts. As an employer, business manager or marketer you know the importance of presenting business gifts. Promotional Gifts & Corporate gifts serve as versatile tools for business organizations that help organizations promote their brands. We further strengthen the business relationship with the customers by gifting them premium quality giveaways. Corporate giveways are used to enhance the image of the brand. The company offers its customers a corporate gift as a token of appreciation and gratitude for the support provided by the latter in helping them grow their former business. The gift is intended for a much wider audience. All giveaways are for promoting or supporting your brand. Although both business and corporate gifts contribute to the growth and development of the company. There are some noticeable differences between the two.

Corporate Gifts & Promotional Products India
Corporate Gifts & Promotional Products India

Corporate gifts VS promotional gifts.

There isn’t much to diffrence between a corporate gift and a promotional item. Corporate gifts are more personalized than promotional items. And usually gifts are given to special people like those given on festivals like Diwali, Holi or New Year.

What are a corporate gifts.

These are specially given to Senior executives, CEO, director or high level executive of the company. Some examples of corporate gift are combo boxes including Pen, Key Chain, Notebook, Diary or Pendrives. Whereas promotional items are mostly used in promotion only. The value may also be less eg. T-shirt, diary, keychains. Only such items are used.
Branded gift like the company’s Power Banks, Speakers, or Pen drives. The company logo is imprinted on these items and Personal name is printed. A personalised corporate gift helps in creating awareness about the business as well as its increases loyality . Unlike promotional items do not require a high degree of personalization because they are intended for a larger and more diverse group of recipients. Gifts that serve the purpose of promotion are then ordered in quantity. This usually includes items like tshirt, pens stationery, water bottle etc.

Corporate Gifts Combo Sets For Employees
Corporate Gifts Combo Sets For Employees

Importance of Corporate Gift

Presenting Corporate Gift is one of the best and most practical ways to express that you hold your recipients in due respect. That’s why you need to carefully choose business corporate gift. In addition to making them beautiful, they also need to be useful. Like pen drive, Speakers, power bank, Gift hamper, Dinner set Or some other cool item.
A personalized gift is presented as a gesture of gratitude and goodwill. Gift are of utmost importance in fostering a personal relationship between the provider and the recipient. Keep the following aspects in mind when choosing business gift for your recipients.
First – The preferences of recipents tastes and interests.
Second. Purpose of gifting reason.
Third – Budget
Fourth – Relationship and level and nature of your relationship with recipient.

Importance of promotional products-

Promotional products are overall products that are used on a day to day basis. T-shirts, Pens, bottle. Key Ring, Pendrives these are some mostly commonly gifted products. Companies can benefit in the following ways.
Increase brand awareness.
Maintain customer loyalty
A cost-effective means of promoting a product or service.
Going a long way in increasing the customer’s impression about the brand.
Promotes the product or service.